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by Harlan Landes, August 12, 2015

Your donations to the Plutus Foundation help further the mission of the Plutus Foundation. To enhance the financial well-being and capability of citizens throughout the world, we must start small. Your contribution today will be put to work immediately, while we also strive to fulfill our long-term goals of creating an endowment to keep programs running perpetually.

Sustaining members and some donors will be able to apply for the steering committee, the group of members who determine, with the guidance of the Director of Grants and Programs, the programs to be supported by our funds.

When you enter your email address, you will receive updates about the Plutus Foundation and The Plutus Awards. There are two options for donating to the Plutus Foundation. You may also just enter your email address for communication from the Plutus Foundation.

Support a Plutus Foundation project directly. Find out what currently-operating projects are being supported by the Plutus Foundation and support a project directly. General donations below will be distributed to current projects and set aside for future projects to ensure the sustainability of the Plutus Foundation.

Would you like to donate or sell a blog? There are many creative options that the Plutus Foundation can handle. Please contact us directly for more information about these opportunities.

One-time or monthly flat donation

Ideal for members of the media community who want to support the Foundation. Click the donate button below to donate with PayPal or credit card.

Monthly or quarterly pledge

Ideal for bloggers who wish to donate part of their income or a fixed amount. We’ll send reminders on the first of the month or quarter.

Send a check

If you would not like to donate online, you may send a check to the following address:

The Plutus Foundation
24306 Cornerstone Dr.
Yardley, PA 19067

Contact us about other options for blog and business owners.

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