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by Harlan Landes, September 20, 2016

The Executive Committee and Board of Trustees are currently reviewing a number of programs to support. It’s important for us to choose programs that support the mission of the Plutus Foundation. One part of our goal is to support financial capability programs established by a network of partnering organizations, and when review is complete, we will announce which programs we will support.

The second part of our goal is to promote endeavors initiated by members of our community, the independent financial media.

Support Free, Ongoing Classes for Teens

Eva Baker’s Proposal: Free, Ongoing Classes for Teens

Teenagers today receive little to no education in the area of personal finance. Very few states offer any classes about money management and even fewer have a graduation requirement involving personal finance classes. Unfortunately, for most teens, these skills are not taught in their home either.

Rather than offering a single class on some random personal finance topic and never seeing the attendees again, Eva Baker would like to offer free classes to teens that are ongoing for a period of several months. This will allow us to develop authentic relationships with the attendees in pursuit of affecting their behavior and changing outcomes for their financial future.

Support from the Plutus Foundation would expand Eva Baker’s current work. Read more about this project.

If you’d like to make a general donation to the Plutus Foundation, go here.

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