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The Plutus Foundation highlights the importance of financial literacy, capability, and empowerment, through supporting and fostering the expansive, diverse community of influencers in independent financial media.

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Learn more below about how your brand can benefit by partnering with the Plutus Foundation or its programs.

The Plutus Awards

The Plutus Awards represent the best of the best.

Every year, the winners of the Plutus Awards include the biggest financial influencers — the authors, speakers, and companies that are making the strongest impact on the world.

Some of our Plutus Awards Partners

Increased Brand Awareness

Plutus Awards Partners are recognized in press releases, on social media, in publications, and on materials like trophies and gifts. All these items are seen by the top financial influencers.

High-Value Association

The Plutus Awards feature only the best and most impactful influencers. Partners are associated with the top echelon in the independent financial media.

Open to All

Partnerships are available at various levels, making the benefits of the association with the Plutus Awards accessible to everyone from start-up blogs to Fortune 500 companies.

Widest Reach

The Plutus Awards reach many millions through our community of top financial influencers. See our Partnership Deck for more details.

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Plutus Voices

Plutus Voices is a series of learning and networking events for the financial media bringing attention to important topics.

Partners are given the opportunity to network with and address the most engaged financial influencers in cities throughout the United States, with plans for the program to extend globally in the near future.

Topics addressed in prior events include Inspiring Action in Underserved Communities, Financial Independence and Women, and Personal Finance and Mental Health.

Plutus Voices NYC 2019
Plutus Voices Denver
Plutus Voices New York City
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Their stories will inspire you.

The Plutus Awards Podcast is the weekly show that gives the independent financial media community the best strategies for having an impact on their audiences.

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Hosted by Plutus Awards winner Michelle Jackson, the podcast regularly features the most successful financial influencers and their compelling stories.


The Podcast

Strategic Non-Profit Partnerships

The Plutus Foundation is open to collaborating with select non-profit organizations focusing on financial literacy, particularly in underserved communities, where interests are aligned with the values, needs, or desires of independent financial influencers.

The collaboration could take the form of a product, service, event, or anything otherwise imaginable.

Heroes at Home
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Other Foundation Programs

The Plutus Foundation offers many other ways for brands to align with financial literacy and empowerment.

Webinars and Live Interviews

Grant and Program Support

Networking Opportunities

Published Material

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To learn more about these opportunities and more, download the Partnership Deck.

Note: Some options listed in the Partnership Deck are no longer available. Contact us below if you have any questions.

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