Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 12, 2020

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We’re so proud as an organization to have an incredible number of black personal finance writers who offer a wide array of voices, expertise, and perspective. This week we’re focusing on the unique perspectives brought to us through the mediums of podcasts and writing. From investing to black lives matter, we’re highlight voices who raise the bar.

Earlier this past week we released our Black Lives Matter Resource page that offers a wide array of links, Google Docs, videos, podcasts, articles and more. There are far more resources out there and we want to help bring them all together through our resource page. If you have a link of any kind related to Black Lives Matter and anti-racism sources we invite you to share them with us via

The Best Financial Planning Tips For People With Disabilities

“What are your future financial goals? For many people with disabilities, care, safety, and security later in life are of primary importance but knowing how, exactly, to achieve all those goals is another matter altogether.” – Financial Demics

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You Can CEO Your Way Out

“Mark Parker took over as CEO of Nike back in 2006 replacing the company’s co-founder and Shoe Dog millionaire, Phil Knight. During Parker’s stint at the Swoosh, there’s been the best of days and the worst of days but overall the company and stock have lived their best lives. ” – Black Market Exchange

What is My Liquid Net Worth and How do I Increase It?

“If you’ve ever wondered how to track your liquid net worth or even what it is, this guide will help you not only arrive at that figure but also give you tips on how to increase it.” – Principles of Increase

Do You Share Your Salary with Your Co-Workers?

“Anonymous blogger Purple joins me to discuss how a quick conversation at work about salaries almost caused a riot. ” – Popcorn Finance Podcast

How To Use Your Voice To Stand Against Racial Injustice + How I Really Feel

“Clever Girl Finance gets honest and real on how you can have a voice during the on-going protests ” – Clever Girl Finance

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