Showcase: From Dawn till Dusk: A Lifetime Condensed Into 24 Hours

In the Plutus Awards Showcase, the Plutus Awards team and Apex Money highlight the best financial articles, podcast episodes, and videos from around the web each Friday. To submit an items you’ve written, created, or discovered, submit a request for consideration.

Plutus Awards nominations are heating up!

This year, the Plutus Awards will be announced at a live ceremony virtually during the Impact Summit. We will open registration for the event soon. Nominations are coming to a close in less than three weeks. For content creators, the Plutus Awards are like the Oscars — we recognize and celebrate the best of the best in content online.

The team has done an excellent job of adapting the awards for all types of content, not just blogs and podcasts! Content creators have a limited time to submit their content for consideration. Submit your content here.

An important part of the Awards are the public nominations. Content creators should encourage their audience to vote here. All nominations count towards the People’s Choice Awards across written, audio, and video content.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

From Dawn till Dusk: A Lifetime Condensed Into 24 Hours. [Mantaro Money] — “What would your life look like if it was condensed down to 24 hours? Would you be happy with how you’d spent your day so far? Do the plans you have for the rest of your day fill you with excitement or dread? Do you have any plans at all?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

ABLE Age Adjustment Act. [Saving for College] — “ABLE accounts have been around since 2014, but in late 2022 they got a facelift via the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, which passed as a part of SECURE 2.0. This new law ups the maximum age of onset of disability from 26 to 46, nearly doubling the eligible user base.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Plowman’s Lunch. [Humble Dollar] — “The conditions that made gardens practical and thrifty have faded. Nevertheless, each spring in my backyard, I drag the plow of the past habits of long-dead loved ones back and forth.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How to Slow Down Time. [Rich in What Matters] — “Time moves as fast as you let it. And, by succumbing to society-promoted hyper living, I was letting it run on warp speed. To live intentionally, I had to slow down and let go. Decelerating the speed of your life has a slowing effect on time. But to optimize the deceleration, you also have to let go.” (Submitted by J. D Roth.) 

The ‘Avocado Toast’ Effect of Spending Is Totally Overblown [Men’s Health] – “It’s an old personal-finance cliché that if you want to save for anything, the first things you should cut out are coffee, restaurant meals, and subscriptions. In short: small joys. This comes from the idea that money is basically math—if I make X, I will save Y, and then I will be all set. So let’s do the math and unpack all this nonsense.” (Submitted by Jim Wang.) 

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