The Plutus Awards Podcast Returns With a New Host, Michelle Jackson

On June 1, the Plutus Awards Podcast will return with all-new episodes and an all-new host! Michelle Jackson, the award-winning producer of the show Michelle Is Money Hungry, will take the lead on Season 5 of the podcast.

Plutus Awards Podcast Staff - Michelle Jackson Photo

Michelle Jackson is mission-driven to help her readers and listeners empower themselves financially. Whether it is by improving their personal finances or learning how to sell what they already know, she loves having those conversations. Besides the website and podcast “Michelle is Money Hungry,” Michelle is the founder of the Money on the Mountain retreat focused on empowering financially single women one conversation at a time.

When she’s not geeking out about personal finance you can find her hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

Money on the Mountain Retreat

This season, the Plutus Awards Podcast is focused on one of the most-requested topics from the community of financial content creators and influencers: how to earn money from content creation and how to do so in a way that is aligned with one’s values.

Guests this season include Julien and Kiersten Saunders (rich & REGULAR), Jillian Johnsrud (Everyday Courage), Angela Rozmyn and Dr. Regina Moore (Women’s Personal Finance), and Joseph Hogue. Also featured this season are Patrina Dixon (It’s My Money), Rachel Hernandez (Mobile Home Girl), and Harlan Landes (Plutus Foundation and Consumerism Commentary).

In the lead-off episode, Harlan talks to Michelle about his experience building Consumerism Commentary as one of the first “personal finance blogs,” eventually monetizing the website, and later selling the business and moving on to other projects. The season continues with discussions about monetizing your personal brand, ethical affiliate marketing, creating a paid membership site, and staying true to your mission while earning money.

New episodes will appear every Wednesday from June 1 until the Plutus Impact Summit on July 22 and 23. Subscribe to catch every episode, and visit our refreshed Podcast Page where you can read show notes and listen to episodes you may have missed. The past seasons’ episodes, 80 in total, are still available, as well, and these feature an incredible roster of guests who have spoken to our hosts over the past several years.

The Plutus Impact Summit (“Build Your Community, Build Your Business”) is a virtual two-afternoon event designed for all financial content creators and influencers. You should sign up if you’re interested in having a bigger impact on your audience or your community, growing your audience, earning money from your content, or looking for opportunities to collaborate with other content creators or brands. Register for free today. Thanks to our sponsor, Capital Group.

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