Finalists for the 14th Annual Plutus Awards

The finalists for the 14th Annual Plutus Awards were announced live on August 15, 2023. We’re excited to present the awards ceremony as part of this year’s Impact Summit. The Impact Summit will be held digitally on September 21 and 22, 2023, and features speakers and presenters from around the world. Those who sign up early will receive a free copy of Farnoosh Torabi’s new book, A Healthy State of Panic: Follow Your Fears to Build Wealth, Crush Your Career, and Win at Life as long as supplies last.

Winners of this year’s Plutus Awards will be announced in a digital ceremony on September 22 at 4:30 pm Eastern to close out this year’s Impact Summit. You can still vote for the People’s Choice awards!

Best New Personal Finance Book presented by Leverage With Media PR

  1. Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap
  2. Happy Money Happy Life by Jason Vitug 
  3. Mind Your Money by Yanely Espinal 
  4. Money Made Easy by Allison Baggerly
  5. Money Out Loud by Berna Anat
  6. Taking Stock by Jordan Grumet, M.D. 
  7. Tipped by Barbara Sloan

Best New Personal Finance Content – Written presented by Wallet Hacks

  1. Female in Finance
  2. Overcoming Financial Trauma on Substack, Written by Rahkim Sabree
  3. Social Work to Wealth 
  4. House Money Media Newsletter (The Frugal Gay and Adulting Is Easy RE Maximalist)
  5. DINKS on a bus

Best New Personal Finance Content – Audio presented by Steve Stewart

  1. Dinero en Spanglish 
  2. For Better & Worth
  3. Money Feels (Bridgie Casey and Alyssa Davies)
  4. Remote Work Bestie (Daniella Flores)
  5. Stacking Deeds (Crystal Hammond and Joe Saul-Sehy with Alan Corey)

Best New Personal Finance Content – Video

  1. Relentless Latina (Instagram Reels)
  2. Saving Whiz Gina
  3. The FIoneers (Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts)
  4. The Money Plug (TikTok)
  5. Wealth for Women of Color (TikTok)

Best Financial Independence/Retire Early Content

  1. Accidentally Retired 
  2. Can I Retire Yet?
  3. Money Flamingo
  4. Tawcan
  5. The FIoneers 
  6. The Frugal Gay
  7. Trip of a Lifestyle 

Best Freelancer or Regular Contributor presented by Miranda Marquit

  1. Ben Luthi
  2. Eric Rosenberg
  3. Jackie Lam
  4. Kat Tretina
  5. Michelle Black

Best Investing Content

  1. Building Bread
  2. Dumpster Doggy  (Amanda Holden) on Instagram
  3. Girls on the Money on Instagram
  4. Investing Latina on Instagram
  5. The Globe Trotting Investor

Best Traditional Retirement Content

  1. Money for the Rest of Us
  2. Money Talks News
  3. Wallet Hacks
  4. Staying in the Black
  5. The Retirement Manifesto

Best College Planning/Student Loan Content

  1. Debt Free Gonna Be (Instagram)
  2. Debt Free Millennial (TikTok)
  3. Millennial vs. Machine (podcast)
  4. Money Wise Lawyer (TikTok)
  5. Student Loan Advice (blog – owned by White Coat Investor)

Community Builder Award

  1. Danielle Desir
  2. Diania Merriam
  3. Jessica Bufkin
  4. Joe Saul-Sehy
  5. Miranda Marquit
  6. Regina Moore
  7. Tiffany Grant

Best Personal Finance Content Series

  1. Building Bread Company Breakdown Playlist on YouTube
  2. Gay Cities from Queer Money Podcast (blog, Instagram video)
  3. Slow Fi Interview Series from the FIoneers (video, audio)
  4. Small Steps Playlist from Wealth for Women of Color on TikTok
  5. To Catch a Credit “Guru” Playlist from the Money Plug on TikTok

Best Current Events Coverage

  1. Apex Money
  2. Building Bread on Twitter
  3. Debt Free Gonna Be on Instagram
  4. Money With Katie on Twitter
  5. Overcoming Financial Trauma on Substack

Most Entertaining Content Creator

  1. Bitches Get Riches 
  2. Dumpster Doggy (Amanda Holden) on Instagram
  3. Millennial in Debt on Instagram
  4. Popcorn Finance
  5. The Frugal Gay on Twitter
  6. The Price of Avocado Toast
  7. We Bravely Go on Instagram

Best Entrepreneurship/Side Hustle Content presented by Nick Loper

  1. Business Pathfinder Podcast
  2. Financial Panther
  3. Money Talk with Tiff
  4. Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast
  5. Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast 

Best Couples or Family Content

  1. Family Money Adventure
  2. For Better & Worth
  3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich Podcast
  4. Modern Husbands Podcast
  5. Price of Avocado Toast

Best Financial Advisor Content Creator

  1. Amplify My Wealth on Instagram
  2. A Sunny Side Up Life on Instagram
  3. John Stoj on Twitter 
  4. Rahkim Sabree on Instagram and Substack
  5. Wealth for Women of Color on Instagram

Best Financial Literacy Content for Children

  1. Kids Money Academy on Instagram Reels
  2. Kid Wealth
  3. It’s My Money
  4. Stock Explore on Instagram Reels (and YouTube)
  5. Teach Kids Money on Instagram Reels

Best Frugal Travel/Travel Hacking Content

  1. Family Money Adventure
  2. Go With Less on YouTube
  3. Wander Onwards on Instagram Reels
  4. The Thought Card Podcast
  5. Travel Hacking Mom

Best Military Personal Finance Content

  1. Kate Horrell
  2. Military Dollar on Twitter
  3. Military Money Manual Podcast
  4. The Military Millionaire Podcast 
  5. The Military Money Show

Best Real Estate Content

  1. Adulting is Easy
  2. Black Real Estate Dialogue
  3. Coach Carson
  4. Rachel Richards on Instagram
  5. Stacking Deeds
  6. The FI Couple
  7. The Frugal Gay on Instagram

Best Sustainable Finance Content

  1. Bravely on Instagram and Twitter
  2. Frugal Pharm on Twitter
  3. Sustainably Chic
  4. Tread Lightly, Retire Early 
  5. Vee Frugal Fox on Instagram

Best Tax-Focused Content

  1. Eric Nisall on LinkedIn
  2. Phil’s Tax Hacks 
  3. Taxable Talk
  4. Tax Girl on Instagram
  5. The FI Tax Guy

Best Content for Underserved Communities

  1. Building Bread
  2. Mom Autism Money 
  3. Money Talk with Tiff 
  4. Queer Money Podcast 
  5. Relentless Latina 
  6. The Broke Black Girl 
  7. WOC Podcasters 

Best Personal Finance Content for Women presented by Wealth for Women of Color

  1. Bitches Get Riches
  2. Brown Ambition 
  3. First Gen Mentor on TikTok
  4. Gals Getting Rich 
  5. Money with Katie on Instagram
  6. The Fiscal Femme on Instagram
  7. Women’s Personal Finance

Content Creator of the Year – Written

  1. Athena Valentine on Slate
  2. Eric Nisall on LinkedIn
  3. I Like to Dabble
  4. Lazy Man and Money
  5. Miranda Marquit
  6. Money Flamingo 
  7. Sharita Humphrey on LinkedIn 
  8. The Fiscal Femme (Money Musings Newsletter)
  9. Tawcan
  10. Wallet Hacks 

Content Creator of the Year – Audio

  1. Brown Ambition
  2. Earn & Invest
  3. Financial Feminist
  4. Frugal Friends
  5. Money Talk with Tiff
  6. Price of Avocado Toast
  7. Popcorn Finance
  8. Queer Money Podcast
  9. Rich By Intention
  10. The Thought Card 

Content Creator of the Year – Short-Form Video

  1. Building Bread YouTube Shorts
  2. Stefanie O’Connell Instagram Reels
  3. The College Investor on TikTok
  4. Saving Whiz Gina on TikTok
  5. The First Gen Mentor on TikTok
  6. The Frugal Gay Instagram Reels
  7. Vee Frugal Fox Instagram Reels
  8. Wealth Para Todos Instagram Reels
  9. Women’s Wealth Effect Instagram Reels
  10. Your Rich BFF Instagram Reels

Content Creator of the Year – Long-Form Video

  1. Bigger Pockets on YouTube
  2. Debt Free Dad on YouTube 
  3. LaTisha Styles on YouTube 
  4. Let’s Talk Money on YouTube
  5. Marriage, Kids and Money on YouTube
  6. Savvy Budget Girl on YouTube 
  7. Side Hustle Nation on YouTube
  8. Wander Onwards on YouTube
  9. Wealth Hacker on YouTube
  10. Whiteboard Finance on YouTube
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