Showcase: #14. Knowing Your (Net) Worth

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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

My Experience with Check Fraud – And What You Can Learn from It [Oblivious Investor] – “Apparently somebody intercepted the check, chemically “washed” it to remove the ink on specific portions of the check, and wrote in a new payee, amount, and (partial) memo.” (Submitted by J.D. Roth.) 

The Art and Science of Spending Money. [Collab Fund] — “There is a science to spending money – how to find a bargain, how to make a budget, things like that. But there’s also an art to spending. A part that can’t be quantified and varies person to person.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How To Find a Job That Fulfills You. [Worklife] — “While it’s helpful to get feedback from current and former employees, reviews on sites such as Glassdoor or Yelp might skew overly negative or positive, cautions Trey Barnette, a regional vice president at staffing and talent solutions firm Robert Half. Seek out objective sources, he said, not “an ex-employee that just got let go and is ranting and raving.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

#14. Knowing Your (Net) Worth. [The Sytch] — “Think of tracking your net worth like the annual doctor checkup. It may not be a necessary step to achieve financial success for some, but if you want to get nerdy with your finances and optimize every dollar, tracking your net worth is a must. Knowing your net worth every year requires you to do a deep dive into your finances. This forces you to diagnose any issues you are having.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

More Powerful than Financial Advice [Retire Before Dad] – “Success in building wealth is less about how much you know (or can google) and more about consistently applying what you’ve learned toward a defined objective over many years. It’s not so much the plan. It’s the execution.” (Submitted by Jim Wang.)


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Zach (The Sytch) · January 20, 2023 at 3:11 pm

Thank you for the feature! Great showcase!

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