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In an effort to streamline and improve this year’s Plutus Awards before the awards season began, the Plutus Awards Planning Committee made some changes to the structure of the Awards. To eliminate predictability and the effect of the popular vote, the voting process was changed to start all categories with a popular vote. A panel of bloggers would be selected to choose the finalists, and eventually the winners, from among the top vote-getters in each blog-related category. This is similar to the format used by the Academy Awards.

To compensate for the smaller focus on a blog’s popularity, the Committee created the People’s Choice Plutus Award. This will be awarded to the blogger with the highest number of votes, and more details about this award will be forthcoming.

Here is this year’s blogger panel as of today. There may be a few additions within the next week.

Afford Anything
Bible Money Matters
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
Canadian Finance Blog *
Cash Money Life
The Centsible Life
Consumerism Commentary *
Eventual Millionaire
Free From Broke
Free Money Finance
Good Financial Cents
How’s Married Life (formerly 20 and Engaged)
Len Penzo Dot Com
Money Crush *
Planting Money Seeds *
So Over This (formerly So Over Debt)
Thirty Six Months *
Thousandaire *
Wise Bread (Ashley Jacobs)

* Also on the Plutus Awards Planning Committee

Contact Flexo for more information about participating in next year’s Plutus Awards Planning Committee or Blogger Panel.

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