Submissions and Nominations Begin for the 14th Annual Plutus Awards

On May 10, 2023, the Plutus Awards season officially begins with submissions and nominations open to the public. The season will culminate with the awards ceremony at the Plutus Impact Summit on Friday, September 22. The ceremony will be hosted by Kevin Matthews II and Dorethia Kelly.
Thanks to our Community Panel who discussed the ever-changing nature of content creation to determine this year’s categories. This year’s finalists and winners will be placed into these categories:
Best Frugal Travel or Travel Hacking Content
Best Entrepreneurship or Side Hustle Content
Most Entertaining Personal Finance Content Creator
Best Family or Couples Personal Finance Content
Best College Planning or Student Loan Content
Best Personal Finance Content for Underserved Communities
Best Traditional Retirement Content
Best Military Personal Finance Content
Best Current Events Coverage Related to Personal Finance
Best Real Estate Content
Best New Personal Finance Content Creator – Written
Best New Personal Finance Content Creator – Short-Form Video
Content Creator of the Year – Written
Content Creator of the Year – Short-Form Video
Lifetime Achievement
Best Financial Independence or Retire Early Content
Best Freelancer or Contributor in Personal Finance Media
Community Builder Award
Best Financial Literacy Content for Children
Best Personal Finance Content for Women
Best Personal Finance Content Series
Best Investing Content
Best Tax-Focused Content
Best Sustainable Personal Finance Content
Best Financial Advisor Content
Best New Personal Finance Content Creator – Audio
Best New Personal Finance Content Creator – Long-Form Video
Content Creator of the Year – Audio
Content Creator of the Year – Long-Form Video

Here is how the process works.

Content creators submit their content for consideration. Content that may be considered in the Plutus Awards should fall under written, audio, or video content, with the subject pertaining to personal finance or topics that are closely related. Content creators and the general reading or listening public may also nominate content or a content creator whose work they appreciate for consideration within any of the above categories.
The Awards Panel will review the submissions and nominations, examining all submissions and nominations to create a short list of potential finalists — those who meet the qualifications for the category. The short list will be examined by the subject experts on the Panel to determine the finalists and the winners.
It’s not too late to serve on the Awards Panel. We need content creators in every category to evaluate submissions and nominations, and those who serve on the Panel will receive a thank-you gift at the end of the season. Apply here.
For the first time, there will also be four “People’s Choice” winners, one for each of the Content Creator of the Year categories. Public votes will determine the People’s Choice winners, so content creators are encouraged to rally their audiences to vote.
All finalists will have an opportunity to participate in this year’s Plutus Awards ceremony, and will also receive free admission to the Plutus Impact Summit and the Plutus Awards, to be held virtually on September 21 and 22. Winners will receive their prizes through the mail, so all finalists must respond to a future request for a mailing address in order to receive these prizes.
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