Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: March 29, 2019

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Join us in Los Angeles on April 25 for Plutus Voices Los Angeles! We’re incredibly excited to have Melanie Lockert from Dear Debt and the Lola Retreat as our first speaker, but these events are great for networking as a community meet-up. Plutus Voices L.A. will be hosted by Winnie Sun from CNBC. Tickets are free but limited. You know what to do.

Achieving FI in Brazil | Luiz

“Luiz reached FI after working as pilot both in Brazil and the Middle East. He discovered the FIRE world when he felt burnt out from work and was looking for smart ways to manage his money.” – FIRE Drill Podcast

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Money Is a Tool, So Stop Treating It As the Goal

“Money is a tool. If we can understand that it’s something we can use to help us achieve what we want, we can set better financial goals for ourselves.” – Beyond Your Hammock

When things don’t go to plan

“One month into the new year and some of you may have given up on your goals or are thinking about it. Before you do, read ahead.” – Your Money Blueprint

Why Young Parents Should Pay Off Their Mortgage Early

“Colin Murphy recently paid off his $208,000 mortgage in less than 5 years. Find out why he thinks other young parents should do the same.” – Marriage, Kids and Money

Gratitude Is The Secret To Financial Success

“Start practicing gratitude to resist temptation and be more content with what you have. All day we’re bombarded with ads exposing us to all sorts of temptations.” – Go From Broke

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