Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 17, 2019

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Progressive Minimalism with Jennifer Taylor Chan

“In this week’s Tiny Bites, I talk with Jennifer Taylor Chan about progressive minimalism, working smarter, food waste, and breaking up with Facebook.” – Tiny Ambitions

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How to Pay Off Debt This Year

“If you have debt, I bet you think about how to pay off debt quite often. In fact, that debt might be the primary source of stress in your life.” – Debt Discipline

Take care of your health like your wallet

“Your health is like a car. When you’re young and shiny, no need to talk about maintenance. Once you start getting older, problems start appearing from out of nowhere.” – Little Seeds of Wealth

Why I won’t do a CD ladder

“CD ladders can be a great and important personal finance tool. But I’m skipping them for a pretty simple reason: Interest rates suck right now.” – I Pick Up Pennies

Corporate Relocation: Six Lessons

“Are you considering a corporate relocation? Here are six lessons from someone who’s moved five times for a company in the span of fifteen years.” – Stop Ironing Shirts

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