Nominations for the 10th Annual Plutus Awards Are Open

You and your audiences now have the opportunity to support your favorite blogs, videos, media projects, and people for the 10th Annual Plutus Awards.

The Plutus Awards celebrate excellence in financial media. For ten years, the Plutus Awards have been recognizing the best bloggers who focus primarily on personal finance and related topics As the financial media community has grown, the awards have grown, as well.

We recognize the best content creators, publishers, and producers to bring attention to those who are helping to bring useful, entertaining, or educational financial advice, stories, and other material to millions of readers, listeners, and watchers across the world. The Plutus Awards also recognize the best financial products and services as determined by the financial media community and bring wide attention to the quality of articles, podcast episodes, and videos presented by the financial media.

With new categories every year, the Plutus Awards works to reflect the quickly-changing and evolving nature of the community.

About the Plutus Awards selection process.

Curious how someone may win a Plutus Award this year? Here’s how it works. For a period of time, the Plutus Awards Panel accepts submissions from publishers and content producers. The Panel determines the categories that will be considered for the current year’s awards based on developments and trends in the community.

After entries have been open for some time, we begin the nomination process. Content creators are encouraged to rally their audiences to submit a ballot to vote for their site, podcast, or project within an appropriate category. (See below for important notes for content creators and producers.)

When the nomination process concludes, the Panel convenes to use the feedback from submissions and nominations as well as their own knowledge of the community to determine the finalists, which will be announced later this summer. A final round of voting commences within the Panel to determine the ultimate winner.

There is a notable exception: the blog, podcast, or project that receives the most overall votes will be named the winner of the 10th Annual Plutus Awards People’s Choice award. New for this year, we will also have a People’s Choice award for the best personal finance article through our partnership with Money Mix. More details on that process will be announced in the coming weeks.

You can submit your ballot and vote for the most excellent blogs, podcasts, projects, and people at

Of interest to content producers and creators.

The best way to rally your audience is to use a custom link that pre-populates your project’s URL into the correct field on our ballot. To learn how to create this link, view the nomination link builder.

You are also encouraged to download and use a graphic to let people know that you are encouraging them to vote.

Nominations will be open only for a limited time. Be sure to ask your audience to vote for you using all of your communication methods, including your email list if you have one.

Nominate the best blogs, podcasts, financial projects, and more for the 10th Annual Plutus Awards today.

The 10th anniversary Plutus Awards Ceremony will be held at FinCon19 in Washington, D.C. on Friday, September 6, and will be co-hosted by Jordon Cox.

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