Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: December 25, 2020

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Merry Christmas! We hope today you’re taking a break to read, relax, and celebrate with your loved ones.

3 kitchen and cooking tips if you’re stuck at home

“You’re used to going to work, eating out, ordering in and now, you’re forced to pretend like you know how to prepare a meal for yourself. And now that cities are shutting down restaurants to help flatten the curve against the threat of the coronovirus pandemic, you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go and little to eat.” – rich & REGULAR

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How Promoting Girls’ Education Can Save the World – with She’s the First

“Without education and the positive benefits that come from it, these girls may not rise out of poverty and make a positive impact on the world.” – Marriage Kids and Monday

Mama Purple Answers Your Questions: Ask Her Anything

“After Rich and Regular published a joint interview with me and Mama Purple y’all started asking more about my superhero of a Mom. To date, she is the only person to write a guest post for this site and did so describing her journey to retire at 55.” – A Purple Life

Real Life Diff’rent Strokes (w/Kay Madati)

“Kay Madati was born to a single, Tanzanian mother who died when he was 12. Kay and his brother were then adopted by a very affluent caucasian couple who lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.” – Paul Ollinger

Extreme frugality: Holiday attitude edition

“Part of me thinks it’s a bit late to bring up the holidays, since some people have already finished their shopping and have their decorating plans well underway.” – Donna Freedman

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