Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: July 17, 2020

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It’s another wonderful Friday PF Friends and we’re here to discuss diversity from a wide range of individuals. Over the past week we’ve been working with our Plutus Awards team to finish the last week of nominations and discussing wealth and entrepreneurship! Enjoy this week’s spotlight articles and don’t forget to submit your nominations for the 11th annual Plutus Awards presented by Capital Group!

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail – Your Wealth Will Thank You

“Being able to see that your friends are at a party that you weren’t invited to on social media (Snapchat) makes this even worse for kids.” – Debt-Free Doctor

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Black Women Best: Economics Has a Diversity Problem, And Here’s How It Affects Everyone

“A couple of years ago, I attended a luncheon at a large economics conference hosted by the American Economic Association. After taking my seat, they announced that the program would begin soon, and the high table filed in. ” – The Financial Diet

12+ Companies and Entrepreneurs That Celebrate Diversity

“As a multi-racial woman, I’ve had a hard time finding companies and businesses that look like me, hire people that look like me, and work with people like me. There have been many times where I went to a job, and I’d be the only person of color there. ” – Kayla Sloan

Things To Do When You’re Bored (Change Your Defaults)

“When I’m sitting at home completely bored, I usually just turn to Lauren and say, “Wanna go on a walk?” It’s not exactly “productive” in the sense of getting work done, but it burns calories and gives us a chance to connect. To me, that makes it a positive action — something I’m legitimately glad I did when it’s over.” – Trip of a Lifestyle

That doesn’t make sense: 3 step plan to calling out the BS

“I had a good upbringing for this, because my family had all sorts of rules that didn’t make any sense. After getting to be a late teen and being barraged with rules that sometimes contradicted each other, I developed a strong ability to say that doesn’t make sense.” – Five Year Fire Escape

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