Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: March 27, 2020

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We have a few Plutus Awards finalists this week! And…we’re focusing on family money and a few of the important aspects of the current economic crisis. From what to do when facing job loss to smart moves to make with student loans and your home, we have it all. The Plutus Foundation and Plutus Awards social media team has been working to put together a series of webinars and Instagram takeovers featuring important voices in the financial media. We understand how isolated many individuals are starting to feel and how families (mainly parents) are needing some relief both emotionally and financially. We want you to know that we’re here with you through all of this and whatever support you need we want to be the ones to provide it to you. If you need support during these times, please reach out to us.

11 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Your Job

“There’s no doubt about it: it sucks when you’ve lost your job. Job loss is stressful under normal times, and even more so with everything going on right now. We’re living in some unusual times, to say the least.” – Jackie Beck

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How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing with Live-In Flips

“Have you ever considered flipping houses? What about living in them, with your kids, through the renovations? I promise, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.” – Smart Money Mamas

Refinancing my federal student loans right now is a bad idea. Here’s why

“Interest rates are incredibly low right now. This makes refinancing student loans tempting for someone like me who is aggressively paying them off. After a little bit of research, I decided this was the worst decision.” – His and Her FI

Are You Sacrificing Too Much (Financially) For Your Kids?

“As parents, we feel a great deal of pressure to give our kids a good life. To give them the best we possibly can, or to give them what we didn’t have ourselves.” – Chief Officer Mom

Save Money – Strategies Proven to Work For Every Mom

“With the economic conditions of our country getting tougher by the day and firms laying off hundreds if not thousands of employees, survival becomes essential especially when there is a kid involved. Some women become frustrated and don’t see any light at the other end of their tunnels on how to save money with a baby.” – Debt Discipline

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