Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 22, 2020

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Let’s be honest. There isn’t a single one of us that us our ambitions or marketing figured our when it comes to our business(es). There may be a few of us who actually do – but there’s always some new kind of project we’re all working on and pivoting toward that could use a little more SEO magic or marketing love. So, this week we’re highlighting a few creators in Personal Finance who are talking about how to boost your blog, the paycheck you make as a solopreneuer, and getting intimate with your passions.

This week with the Plutus Foundation we announced some big things about the Plutus Awards! Joe Saul-Sehy is the Plutus Awards 11th Annual host, Capital Group is presenting the Plutus Awards, and Jamila Souffrant popped by our Instagram page to share some SERIOUS insight. Next week we’re going to be announcing the Plutus Award categories for this year’s awards!

You’re Making a Mountain Out of a (Marketing) Molehill

“You may be making your business and product marketing more complicated than it needs to be.” – Kathleen Celmins

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How to Become Self-Employed Like These Top Bloggers

“One of my biggest focuses to build wealth is simply earning more money. For many, that involves creating a side hustle. For some, that side hustle or passion can turn into a full time gig. In some cases, that can turn into something very lucrative.” – The College Investor

Gabrielle Union says: Some black celebrities are 1-2 paychecks away from being broke

“Gabrielle Union says that some black entertainers are almost running out of money. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on this statement and what black people can do to escape the paycheck to paycheck cycle.” – Candice Latham

How to Actually Find Your Passion

“You may often hear people say to follow your passion. While it may be surprising to some, Jillian doesn’t like this advice at all. ” – Jillian Johnsurd

Financially Naked | The Self-Employed Student

“Jaiden is an entrepreneurial prodigy. Not yet out of college he is determined to make enough money now to help save for retirement, pay off his soon-to-be-graduated student debt and have fun with his friends.” – The Financial Gym

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