Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: October 23, 2020

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This week we are featuring the best New Personal Finance Podcast presented by Steve Stewart, via our finalists in the 11th Annual Plutus Awards, brought to you by Capital Group!

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Family Fortune & Misfortune (w/ Janny Scott)

“Janny Scott grew up on an 800-acre estate near Philadelphia. The descendant of railroad barons and financial magnates, Janny tracks the effects of her family’s multi-generational wealth in her book” – Crazy Money Podcast

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10 Steps to Paying Off Student Loans Fast

“Save thousands on your student loans by paying them back quickly. And you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with debt freedom.” – Find Your Freedom Podcast

You Want to Do What?!

“In today’s episode we hear from a caller who is seeking advice on how to tell his parents that he and his wife are about to take a year off from work and travel the world. We give him tips on approaching the conversation with ease.” – This is Awkward Podcast

Becoming a 1st Gen Millionaire at Age 31

“Steven Stack is a millennial, yet, he is only 3 generations removed from slavery.” – Winning to Wealth

How To Build Wealth With Real Estate

“Oscar & German Buendia are are the founders of REI Brothers and GoodDay Capital. REI Brothers is a social media outreach and education platform, where Oscar & German showcase their podcast, blog, and projects.” – Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast

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