Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: November 27, 2020

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The Plutus Awards are over, a new year is coming, and we’re all still working toward our goals in this crazy 2020 world. Now, we’re prepping for Christmas after full bellies post-thanksgiving. So, while we’re resting today and throughout the weekend we thought we’d share some favorites from the Capital Group Blog of The Year finalists list.

We hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Early Retirement Week 6: The Trophy

“So seeing that I was a finalist without having mentioned it to any of y’all and without asking you to vote for me, was an extra shock. Also I have officially failed at my 2020 goal of asking for recognition.” – A Purple Life

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Becoming a Millennial Entrepreneur (in the Midst of a Pandemic) with Katelyn Magnuson

“With record numbers of layoffs and unemployment rising like a helium-filled dumpster, a lot of us have turned to what we call survival entrepreneurism. That includes full-time self-employment, freelancing, and stringing gigs together like so many Hobby Lobby clearance rack seed beeds. ” – Bitches Get Riches

The Ultimate Guide to Tax Deductions for The Self-Employed

“Filing your taxes as a W-2 employee can be overwhelming. But, when you’re self-employed, the labyrinth of paperwork and potential tax deductions creates a tax situation that’s enough to give even the most laid-back freelancer heartburn.” – I Like to Dabble

Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays: Week 110 Roundup

“Welcome to another week of the Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays roundup. I started this series after months of debate because I wasn’t certain I wanted to up the ante and commit to publishing three posts a week. However, now that I’ve started sharing these posts, I’m so glad I started.” – Tread Lightly Retire Early

10 Places to Donate Used Toys (Near Me)

“f you’re like most families with kids, you probably have an abundance of toys you no longer need or want. Kids grow out of and get bored with toys, so it’s nice to have an idea of where to donate used toys.” – Wallet Hacks

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