Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: August 27, 2021

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We are putting together the community update video for the 12th Annual Plutus Awards! This is where we get to share and celebrate the major life/personal milestones of members of the community. Marriages, engagements, births, travel, achieving FIRE, earning a degree — we like to include any major non-business milestone. Check out last year’s video for some examples.

Email us at with:

1. Your name/alias and your site/podcast/project

2. A brief description of your milestone achieved

3. At least one HD photo (An HD photo is at least 1920×1080 pixels)

This past year has been difficult for many, so let’s celebrate the things we can!

Three Things Anyone Can Do to Plug Financial Leaks

“There are a few things we can all do before we just stand there to make sure we’re not leaking money from our financial ship. What are they?” – Verbatim Financial

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12 Frugal Hacks to Increase Your Savings

“Frugal hacks to help you save money around your house. Here are 12 Irresistible Frugal Hacks To Increase Your Savings and give you financial freedom.” – Flowingcents

7 Ways to Practice Financial Self-care

“Financial self-care is about taking care of your financial self. It involves making financial decisions that will improve your finances. Let’s take a look at seven different ways to practice financial self-care.” – Eishstudentbudget

Teaching Children About Money and Rewiring Our Brain-Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain Book

“Do you understand the brain? Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids about money? Are you interested in rewiring your brain to reroute you away from those bad financial and health decisions? Discover the answers in this episode.” – Delve Into Money

Five Ways People Are Legally Stealing Your Money

“Don’t you hate it when you find out you have been taken? Here are five ways connivers are transferring our hard earned cash to their pocket, often without us even realizing it. ” – Financial Success MD

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