Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: July 2, 2021

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Mortgage Payoff Statement: What Is It and Why Do I Need One?

“There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the joys of a paid-off house. What is the best timeline? What is the best paydown strategy? One crucial piece is often left out: your mortgage payoff statement. Let’s explore what a mortgage payoff statement is and why it’s crucial to your mortgage freedom journey.” – Marriage Kids and Money

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Poor Lil Dink Dink, Henrys, and Millennials

“This week on the Wisdom Is Misery segment, we use facts to form opinions, rather than opinions to form facts, we discuss why Business Insider says 60 percent of Millennials earning over $100,000 a year are still living paycheck to paycheck, how our partner Juno can save Millennials money on their student loan interest, and much more!” – The Marcus Garrett Show

How To Use a Career Triangle To Find Your Next Job

“Whether you’re a current college student, a recent graduate, or someone with a few years of experience looking to change jobs, you’re not alone in the experience of feeling stuck. A career triangle can help you identify the characteristics you value most in your search. In this post, I’ll talk about a career triangle and give you some ways to use it.” – Post-Grad Compass

Improve Your Market Value and Get That Promotion with Alisa

“If you work in a corporate job, you have probably been there: Performing and delivering beyond expectations and even hinting to your manager that you look for a move up but somehow when the time came you were passed over for that next promotion. Let’s find out how you can position yourself for that next career move in ways you may not have heard of before.” – Joney Talks

What You Need to Know About a Sinking Fund

“We all have something special we’d like to buy for our home or in life. Sinking funds can be a gamechanger for individuals and households. It is a valuable tool to add to your financial toolbox for savings. This strategy helps those who want to manage their finances better and gain peace of mind.” – The Cents of Money

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