Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: July 9, 2021

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Are You Ready for Retirement?

“Being ready for retirement does not only mean that you have saved enough money. It also means that you feel confident because you have the guaranteed income that you need. Whether you are trying to increase your retirement savings or you need guaranteed income, there are various annuity solutions that can work for you.” – The Financial Spotlight

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What are Social Returns on Investment?

“Social returns on investment (SROI) are principles that evaluate the value of companies’ social, economic, and environmental activities not conventionally reflected in the typical financial analysis. So, how can companies determine the effectiveness of their social and environmental investments? Social returns on investment hold the key. Read on to see how.” – The Impact Investor

Episode 95. How Marriage, Divorce & Death Affects Your Dinero w/ Genoveva Meza-Talbott, ESQ., Family Law Attorney

“This episode covers so much of what you don’t want to ask about. Genoveva talks about the real life implications of marriage, the conversations you should have with your partner before marriage, breaking down the different ways to prepare around death, and how to find a reputable attorney.” – Yo Quiero Dinero

Budget Trip to Chicago: Travel Hacks to Spend Less

“Travel is on the rise and everyone is looking for the best places to spend their summer vacation. If you are looking to plan a trip to Chicago on the cheap or need to stick to a budget for your next vacation and are looking for some tried and true travel hacks then read on!” – Our Life On Fire

7 Downsides of Working Towards Financial Independence

“Financial independence is, on the surface, a wonderful concept and attractive to almost anyone. You begin your own journey and start to take the steps that will lead you towards that same level of freedom. You’re prepared to face the challenge and understand that it’s going to take some time, but what are the downsides you’re likely going to face?” – Financial Independence Scribbles

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