Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 11, 2021

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How To Leverage Your Skills, Take Charge Of Your Money And Get Your Children On The Right Financial Path W/ Catherine Alford

“When’s the last time you wrote down your goals and then executed them? This week’s podcast guest, Catherine Alford, entrepreneur and author did just that when she grew her small personal finance blog into a 6- figure business. ” – Journey to Launch

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Why I Hate The No Spend Month Challenge

“I’m sure if you have been around enough money, budget, or just financial groups in general you have heard of the “no spend month challenge”. At first, this challenge sounded incredible until I looked at the bigger picture. Let’s look at why I hate the no spend month challenge.” – Money Fitness Journey

How Much Should I Be Spending a Month? Answered with 7+ Years of My Data

“What if there was a chance to save more? To grow your net worth faster? This post has 7 years of my spending data as well as some fresh research all to answer the question of how much should I be spending a month?” – EAT Money

CAN SLIM Stock Trading Investment Strategy – How to Pick High-Growth Stocks

“There are several main factors of successful investing, but few are more important than the strategy you employ. One common strategy investors looking to outperform the market use is known as the CANSLIM strategy. What is CANSLIM, and can it help you pick high-growth stocks?” – Money Crashers

How To Prioritize When Everything Is Important

“Knowing your priorities can help you focus, reduce stress, improve productivity, and create a good work life balance. Here’s how to get started prioritizing when everything seems important.” – Natalie Bacon

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