Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: October 15, 2021

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Congratulations again to all the winners of the Plutus Awards! Even though the ceremony just ended, we are also planning some great things for the upcoming months and year. We have a lot in store for the Plutus Awards podcast and our Plutus Voices events so stay tuned!

Should I Open A Business Credit Card?

“Do I need a business credit card? How do I choose? I’m sharing a few of my favorite business credit cards and how I use them as a tool for my small business.” – Her First $100K

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A Beginner’s Guide to Earning And Spending Points

“A step by step guide of how to earn and spend credit card travel rewards points for travel hacking beginners.” – Miss Financial Freedom

Seven Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money

“There are so many ways to teach kids about money,perhaps too many. Read on to find suggestions that focus on things that kids find fun about money.” – Lazy Man Money

Why You Need an Emergency Fund & a Buffer

“You can have the greatest budget in the world, but at some point, life is going to throw you a financial curve ball. This is why you need both an emergency fund AND a buffer.” – Less Debt, More Wine

Investing vs Speculating: How To Tell The Difference

“There is a lot of excitement right now about investing and I think that’s a good thing, but how do we know if we are investing vs speculating?” – Inspire To Fire

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