Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: September 3, 2021

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The Six Figure Salary: How You Can Get It and Why You Don’t Need It

“There is nothing wrong with being proud of a six figure yearly income, as it’s certainly an accomplishment. However, it’s not everything. Here’s why. ” – Have Your Dollars Make Sense

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How to Negotiate: 4 Times I used Negotiation to Improve My Cash Flow

“Negotiating is a skill that, if used properly, can significantly improve your cash flow by allowing you to either save more or earn more. Learn how I used this skill successfully to help me lower my bills or improve my income on several different occasions.” – Bella Wanana

Frugal vs Cheap: Are you Frugal or Cheap?

“Have you ever been called cheap? It doesn’t sound like the nicest thing to hear. Frugal is a much better thing to be called. Which are you frugal or cheap?” – The Frugal Expat

How to Stop Being Poor: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

“Breaking the poverty cycle takes time, effort, and a lot of willpower. Learn how to stop being poor so you can live your best life!” – Clever Girl Finance

How to Live Off Dividends (What the Rich Don’t Want you to Know)

“Want to know how to live off dividends? Imagine getting paid enough dividends to cover all your expenses. It actually takes less than you might think.” – Modest Money

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