Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: January 8, 2021

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Frugal Stimulus Spending

“Back in 2008 I resisted spending the fiscal stimulus, because I was anxious to rebuild savings depleted during my protracted divorce. But that’s not what this money is intended to do.” – Surviving and Thriving

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Run the Numbers and Give Your Dreams a Chance

“Sometimes we convince ourselves that we can’t meet our financial goals simply because we are afraid of failure. Using the Run the Numbers tactic can help fight that fear.” – Cash for Tacos

The 7 Money Gears: When, to do What, with your Money

“What do I do next with my money?” If this is a question you’ve asked yourself before, then the answer is: right here, with this episode!” – How to Money

Key Steps For Combining Finances After Marriage

“For newlyweds and even for people who have been married a while here are key tips for couples combining finances after marriage!” – Clever Girl Finance

Budgeting for Your Personality (If Past Budgets Have Failed You)

“If past budgets have failed you it’s possible you’re not budgeting for your personality. Take a look at these options to see which is the best for you.” – The College Investor

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