Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: March 18, 2022

The Plutus Awards team highlights the best in financial media every week in the Plutus Awards Showcase. To submit an item you’ve written, created, or found for next week’s feature, follow us on Twitter.

Limited tickets remain for Plutus Voices Detroit. On March 30, we return to in-person events with Plutus Voices in Detroit. This is an opportunity for financial content creators to get fresh ideas on how to make a bigger and deeper impact among audiences. The topic is entrepreneurship and your money. Click here for info and to RSVP.

Extended deadline for the grant proposals. If you have a creative financial literacy project in progress or ready to go, get your proposal together and apply immediately. The deadline is now Monday, March 21.

Finding Your First Apartment: Guide to a Successful Search

“Finding your first apartment can be a daunting task. It’s important to know what you’re looking for and how to go about finding it. This guide will walk you through the entire process.” – Post-Grad Compass

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This is Your Brain on Financial Goals

“Do you have financial goals? Find out what the latest neuroscience says about how to set goals and the best way to achieve them.” – Accidental Fire

How to Have Family Fun on a Budget

“Here are all the ways you can have family fun on a budget- indoors and outdoors!” – A Dime Saved

Hustle Your Way to Wealth

“Achieving a higher income requires hustle as more money doesn’t just fall in your lap. Here are several ways to side hustle for extra income.” – 7 Saturdays A Week

15 Teen Budgeting Problems ( How Can a Teenager Improve Their Budget?)

“How can a teenager improve their budget? I will show you how to help your teen improve their budget skills.” – Money Prodigy

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