Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: March 25, 2022

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Why You’re More Susceptible to a Con Than You Might think

“We break down how the Tinder Swindler conned his marks and how you could be more susceptible the mark than you think.” –

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What New Parents Need to Know About Money- Part 1

“So you’re a new parent (or you were at some point). What should you do to set your child up financially for the future? Dive into part one and I will show you.” – Intentional Money Life

25 Ways on How to Shop Less and Save Money

“Earning money is awesome and spending it feels great. But are you stuck in a rut and shopping too much? Wondering how to shop less and save money? Here are 25 ways on how to shop less and save money!” – Off Hour Hustle

Culture Is King

“Your culture can also be used as a tool to detract those that are not aligned with your culture. Having the right culture in your business is King.” – MitlinFinancial

Menta Health & Money: 10 Wellness Tools to Help You Improve Your Finances

“Working on your mental health can help improve your finances. Here are ten of the best ways to do that.” – Baby Boomer Super Saver

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