Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: March 4, 2022

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The Movement for March is Mental Health. This is a good opportunity to produce some content that looks at the obstacles that mental health creates in putting good financial ideas into practice — or how being emotionally resilient can be a strength when it comes to your finances. We’ll be looking for NEW content posted during the third week of the month.

It’s not too late to provide your article/podcast/video before we begin sharing, just make sure you let us know by clicking here to submit your content.

46 Ways to Lower Monthly Expenses and Save Money

“If you’re looking to save hundreds of dollars each month, check out these 35 simple ways to reduce your living expenses.” – Clean Cut Finance

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What is an LLC, What is a Corporation, and Which One is Right for You?

“Most “movers and shakers” need to pick between establishing a corporation (aka Inc.) or a limited liability company (aka LLC). This can be a tough decision! I’m here to explain the difference between the entities. ” – Financial Alien

Generational Wealth as a Childfree Person

“Generational wealth usually passes from parents to kids. But what if you’re not having kids? Kara shares her approach to community-oriented finances and how, as a childfree person, she is building generational wealth in her own life. ” – Bravely Go

How Future Millionaires Invest and Build Wealth in Their 20s & 30s

“Being rich is not about fairness at all. Wealth is merely class and access. Here are the 5 best investing lessons to ensure you and your family fall on the right side of the wealth equation.” – The Neighborhood Finance Guy

Fishing, Time, and Money

“This article isn’t about a parable; However, I will use the concept of fishing to explain how one can better invest their time and build a better life. The ability to achieve financial independence is rooted in your ability to first invest your time.” – Financial Independence Scribbles

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