Showcase: Can Money Bring You Time?

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We hope you enjoyed last week’s selections. Please sit back and check out our favorite articles for this week.

Why Is Student Debt a Problem? [Arrest Your Debt] — “A significant portion of this money is owed to the federal government, with other institutions supplementing the balance. Students now owe close to $30,000 by graduation, creating a strain on their incomes.” Don’t let student debt consume you. (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Lessons Learned from Talking Money Part 1, Remembering Asha. [All Options Considered] — “There were so many things we still want to discuss with Asha, but her remission didn’t last as long as we all had hoped. But one thing is clear – There’s great value in feeling heard and understood and being able to talk openly about things that matter including health and money.” Have these conversations when you can. (Submitted by Harlan.)

Time and Money: Money Bought Me Time. [One Frugal Girl] — “While my dad was sick, I never had to weigh the importance of a job against my desire to be with him. When my kids were small, I didn’t have to choose between them and a career I needed to pay my bills. The greatest gift of financial freedom is the time it gives us. I am so grateful for the time it gave me this last year to be with my dad!”. Time is money, or is it? (Submitted by J. Money.)

Who is to blame for inflation? [The Big Picture] — “People seem to like simple, binary answers to complex questions. Econ-Twitter will tell you ‘It’s the Fed’s fault; Blame Biden, no, it’s Trump’s fault.’ But the world is a much more complicated place, not easily broken into clear black and white answers — at least, if you value accuracy. Over-simplified faultfinding is more suitable for ideological slogans that fit on bumper stickers than actual economic analysis.” (Submitted by J.D Roth)

A Timeshare Presentation Survival Guide: Getting to “No”. [Physician on Fire] — “If you find it difficult to say “no” to these nice people who’ve spent an hour or two getting to know you and your travel habits, please stay away. However, If you’ve got ample time, find marketing tactics intriguing, and can get something worth a couple hundred bucks or more, then they’re probably worth checking out.” (Submitted by J. Money)

Climb the Corporate Ladder or Make the Jump to a New Career? [How Much Is That In Tacos] — “You could have a great job, or a boring job, but now that you’re in, society has always told you to stick to it and work your way up! But there could be another way. You may just need to change your career mindset.”  Choosing a career at 18 — or earlier — might not be a recipe for success, especially for people with multiple interests or talents. (Submitted by Harlan)

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