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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week

When the Existential Feeling Get Heavy: How to Feel Happier Every Day. [Live FI Now] – “All of the goals I’m working towards were exciting to me when I set them (and are still worthy of pursuing) but sometimes the progress feels slow, and I find my motivation waning. I fall back on discipline when motivation swings back and forth, but really, I think the missing element here is excitement. What is life, if not exciting? Nothing but a mere existence, no? So how do we find excitement in our day-to-day lives and feel happier every day?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How Do the Wealthy Invest? [Of Dollars and Data] – “… there seems to be an obsession with the wealthy and how they invest their money as if their allocation decisions are what created their wealth. Of course, for some wealthy individuals this is true. Warren Buffett got rich based on how he invested his money. But many other wealthy people didn’t. They got rich as business owners or doctors or lawyers (or something else) and have since allocated their wealth to private equity and hedge funds. Keep this in mind before making any changes to your portfolio.” (Submitted by Jim Wang.)

Ending My 40s… [Money and Meaning] — “I don’t know what the next decade will bring, but I know that, me, my 49-year-old self cannot imagine it. And that is a wondrous freedom. FIRE gave me my financial liberation, but the real liberation has been surrendering to the call and letting go. Giving a grateful yes to everything given, including, especially, the things I did not want. It is only then had I understood the wonder of wings, the miracle of flight.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How to detach yourself from your financial wins and losses. [The Root of All] — “The way to train yourself to detach from the emotional pull of wins and losses is to put all your energy into your response. While we can’t know whether an event is good or bad, we do know the quality of our response. It is always possible to respond virtuously in any situation. It’s always possible to do good.” (Submitted by J. D. Roth.)

5 Purchases ALWAYS Worth the Money. [Bravely Go] — “”We love a money saving tip, but there are definitely things that are worth spending lots of money on. Things that make your life richer, better, and easier. Here are 5 things that may have a higher upfront cost but are always worth the price.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)






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