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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week

How Our Perceptions of Time and Money Change as We Age. [Retire Before Dad] — “Our perceptions of the value of time and money shift as we age. In early adulthood, time is abundant, while money is scarcer. We want more money and are willing to sacrifice our time to get it. By middle age, a thriving career helps us earn more, but job and family obligations consume our time. Life is expensive, and working middle-aged people never seem to have enough time or money. Approaching retirement, we’re more willing to spend money to save time.” (Submitted by J. D Roth.)

Ultimate Detailed Price Battle!!! Is Shopping at A Warehouse Club Really Saving Anything? [Chief Mom Officer] —” When I remove all the items I couldn’t buy at Aldi’s because they didn’t have an equivalent or where I wouldn’t want the alternative option for my family, it’s clear that shopping at BJ’s is the winner for us. Those items would cost $285 at BJ’s compared with $333 at Aldi’s. The cost savings is over $100 when compared with Target, and almost $200 when compared with Price Chopper!” (Submitted by J. Money.)

11 Ways to Teach Kids About Money This Winter. [Debt Free Guys] — “Now’s a great time to teach kids about money – when they’re kids. With school back in session and months of snowstorms and indoor activities, here’s a list of fun activities that will subtly teach kids about money, finance and even the basics of running a small business.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

My First 6 Months of Early Retirement Sucked Shit: What They Don’t Tell You About FIRE. [Bitches Get Riches] — “My body and my subconsciousness understood exactly what was happening to me. “You are very, very depressed,” they told me with crystal clear enunciation. “Sleep ten hours a day, invest 200 hours into a video game you don’t particularly like, and put cheese on EVERYTHING until these passes.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

The Power of a “What If We Didn’t Own This?” Bag. [Rich in What Matters] — “Many things enter our home that don’t actually serve a purpose in our lives. We don’t use them, love them, or need them. The purpose of material possessions is to be used for some good. If we’re holding onto things that have no value, we are keeping them from fulfilling their true purpose in someone else’s life.” (Submitted by J. D Roth.)

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