Showcase: What Does Success Look Like and How Does It Feel?

In the Plutus Awards Showcase, the Plutus Awards team and Apex Money highlight the best financial articles, podcast episodes, and videos from around the web each Friday. To submit an items you’ve written, created, or discovered, submit a request for consideration.

Check out the latest podcast episode-Amanda Page is the latest guest on the Plutus Awards Podcast for content creators hosted by Michelle Jackson. Amanda is a writer, blogger, and filmmaker. In this episode, Amanda discusses how her bold moves helped her overcome her fear of perfection — and how her business and life benefited from her actions.

This season of the Plutus Awards Podcast focuses on the “deadly sins” that content creators make. Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll be in a better position for getting what you want out of your efforts.

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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week

How Will I Take Advantage of Today? [Becoming Minimalist] — “You and I are different, I’m sure, in countless ways: Our family, our upbringing, our location, our career, our passions, our hobbies, our goals. But there is one thing that all of us have in common: We woke up this morning. And we have been provided this day to make the most of it.”(Submitted by J. Money.)

How Does Buy Now Pay Later Work: The Worrying Reality. [Money-Side-Up] — “Buy Now Pay Later is offered as a method of payment by companies such as Klarna. In fact, some of the UK’s biggest brands are already using In-store to boost their business and enhance the shopping experience. This includes the likes of New Look, Halfords and H&M. It even bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world. With the flexibility of online shopping, now in your physical store.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

What Does Success Look Like and How Does It Feel? [One Frugal Girl] — “What does success look like? When you hear the word success, what do you picture? Growing up, success meant luxury goods and over-the-top experiences. I grew up watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, where the host, Robin Leach, explored the yachts, mansions, and luxury car collections of the world’s wealthiest people. Then signed off …” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Experiencing White Homelessness as a Black Person in a White Town. [Michelle is Money Hungry] – “They were noticing something that I’ve lived with for quite a long time and I think that there is some insight into the issue of poverty, policy and what I’ve learned and observed as a Black woman experiencing white poverty in a primarily white city. This insight I think will also show you why I think Americans are completely unserious about tackling poverty, because of how I see people reacting to the white poverty in my town.” (Submitted by Jim Wang.)

Spending without regrets. [Of Dollars and Data] — “It’s not the person with a $500k net worth that regrets spending $25 on two cocktails, it’s the person with no retirement savings that does. With that being said, if your financial house is in order and you still find it hard to spend money without regret, below are some techniques to consider.” (Submitted by J.D. Roth.)

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