Showcase: Kids & Money- Empowering The Next Generation

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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

Kids & Money- Empowering the Next Generation. [Mitlin Financial] — “We cannot rely on schools to educate our children, so we need to take this responsibility into our homes and educate our children. Those families that have a solid understanding of financial literacy can take that on themselves and those that do not, need to lean on someone or a professional that does. We have helped many of the families we serve to educate the next generation on creating and maintaining good financial habits.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes. [Poor. Choices.] — “The Pirahã are lean in appearance, fiercely independent and wary of outsiders and outsiders’ ways of life. They are also very reciprocative, incredibly joyful, and quite peaceful. And as this is a website devoted to words about money, they represent the best lesson in personal finance; wanting less is having more.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

How to File Your Own Tax Return Like A Pro (and get ₪₪₪ back!).  [Fionist Dream] — “Have you ever filed an Israeli tax return? If you are a salaried employee in Israel, you are probably grateful for the fact that you don’t HAVE to. Your employer takes care of it for you. But can you? Should you?” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

The Best Deal in the World Right Now. [Raptitude] — “Why don’t people pay the quite-reasonable price for the best medicine in existence? Having been someone who has both paid in full, refused to pay, and paid inconsistently, I think most of the resistance boils down perceiving the cost as higher than it really is, and the rewards as smaller than they really are.” (Submitted by J.D Roth.)

Married Couples Who Merge Finances May Be Happier, Stay Together Longer [Science Daily] – “Prior research suggests a correlation that couples who merge finances tend to be happier than those who do not. But this is the first research to show a causal relationship — that married couples who have joint bank accounts not only have better relationships, but they fight less over money and feel better about how household finances are handled.” (Submitted by Jim Wang.) 

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