Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: December 13, 2019

The Plutus Awards team highlights the best in financial media every week in the Plutus Awards Showcase. To submit an item you’ve written, created, or found for next week’s feature, follow us on Twitter.

As we celebrate this holiday season, the Plutus Foundation is filled with gratitude for all the things our supporters have helped us accomplished this year. We look forward to bringing you more Plutus Voices events, the Plutus Podcast and much more in the upcoming year.

What Are You Willing To Do For Money? Six 2019 Movies Explore This Age-Old Question

“After a three-movie marathon, I was struck by how all of the movies (and other recent ones I’d seen) had ‘money’ as an underlying theme. Check out these 2019 movies that explore the lengths people are willing to go for money.” – Costa Rica FIRE

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Gifts for Entrepreneurs: The 20 Best Gift Ideas Under $100

“Here are gift ideas to get your gears turning for the entrepreneur in your life. These were curated from my own shopping lists and from suggestions from the Side Hustle Nation community on Facebook.” – Side Hustle Nation

You Need A Will – Yes, Even If You’re Broke

“Regardless of your income there is one thing that is unavoidable- death. A will might seem like a hassle, but it can be microscopic in comparison to the hassling pain your heir’s will experience if you die without one.” – The Wealth Tip

Addressing Medical Costs That Insurance Doesn’t Cover

“Thinking about the cost of being healthy can cause stress and anxiety. If you are searching for a few strategies to save money on medical costs that insurance doesn’t cover, we can help.” – Money Buffalo

How Poor Do You Have to Be to Become Rich?

“Let’s suppose for the moment that you think you’re the typical American, you’re leaving a lot of wealth on the table and you want to stop. The only problem is that you don’t know how poor you have to be in order to become rich. Here’s how you find out.” – Freedom Is Groovy

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