Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 14, 2019

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Women and Money: 10 Facts We All Should Know

“Over the last 100 years, women and money have come a long way.” – Family Finance Mom

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Yes, You Should Ask for a Raise After a Year and Here’s Why

“I was at my previous job for six months when I inquired about what it would take to get a raise.” – Money The Wright Way

When Financial Knowledge is Wasted on the Retired

“Financial knowledge is critical for success, but it’s often wasted on the retired.” – Super Saving Tips

The Reverse Latte Factor

“One of the things I enjoy about the current state of the side hustling world is just how easy it is to fit various side hustles into your day-to-day life.” – Financial Panther

Are Renting And Sharing The New Owning?

“As ride sharing and co-working participation goes up, are we headed to a renting and sharing economy?” – Accidental Fire

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