Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: June 7, 2019

The Plutus Awards team highlights the best in financial media every week in the Plutus Awards Showcase. To submit an item you’ve written, created, or found for next week’s feature, follow us on Twitter.

The Plutus Foundation supported the Elevate Influencer conference in New York City. Sherrian Crumbley attended the event on behalf of the Foundation and shared her experiences this week. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite blogs, podcasts, and projects for the Plutus Awards!

Transparency (In Blogging And Life)

“Tanja Hester, the amazing blogger behind Our Next Life, created a Transparency page on her blog earlier this spring, and once I read it I knew that I wanted to create something similar for my blog.” – Tread Lightly, Retire Early

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To Anyone Who Wonders If Their Giving Matters

“Over the past year, I received two remarkable gestures from two Internet heroes. While I’ve certainly thought about their actions, I haven’t quite been able to find the words to tell the stories.” – She Picks Up Pennies

Lessons from eating on $2 a day

“This May, I put my food budget on lockdown to take on the Live Below The Line charity challenge. Participants eat on $2 per day for 5 days.” – Frugality and Freedom

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

“Have you ever wondered, how much money do I need to be happy? This will answer all your questions and gives you an optimal number for you!” – Radical FIRE

How to Overcome Student Loan Debt as a Couple

“Married with student loan debt? These great tips about how to overcome student loan debt as a couple will make you think!” –

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