Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: May 24, 2019

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We are pleased to introduce Jordon Cox as co-host for the 10th Annual Plutus Awards! Read the announcement and watch the teaser video.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By While Saving for the Future

“Achieving a big financial goal like early retirement is made possible by committing to saving aggressively. But when I look back at our years when we were so focused on saving, the things I regret…” – Our Next Life

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When to Quit Your Side Hustle

“It’s not always better to keep earning money on the side with your side hustle. Find out when you should quit your side hustle.” – The Fioneers

What You Need to Know About Old Retirement Accounts

“You have lots of options when transferring former employer retirement accounts, many more than rolling them into an IRA. Learn them here.” – Money With a Purpose

Is the Pursuit of Financial Independence Inherently Selfish?

“Is the pursuit of financial independence inherently selfish? In the quest for wealth do you find it difficult to part with money?” – One Frugal Girl

The Man Without a Credit Score

“What is it like to live without a credit score? I sat down with Steve Stewart find an answer to this question and more in today’s episode.” – Popcorn Finance

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