Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: November 8, 2019

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On our blog, we strive to share personal finance topics that affect our lives on every level. October was Domestic Violence Abuse months and financial abuse is a key component of this topic that we explored. Take a look at our recent article on the topic and learn more about financial abuse and what resources are out there for those who need them.

Talking to Your Spouse About the ROI of Your Business with Sylvia Inks of SMI Financial Coaching

“Today, Sylvia Inks discusses ways we can communicate with our spouses when it comes to our business. She gives practical tips and communication techniques that can be used to repair a relationship that may be struggling with this area. ” – The Money Millhouse

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Wallstreet Trapper: The New Face of Stock Investing Looks Like You

“Leon “Trapper” from The Wall Street Trapper is killing the game when it comes to helping regular people, like us, learn about investing in stocks. You wanted to learn investing in an easy way and at ANY level. So I sat down with him to get his story and some GOOD advice.” – Millionairess Mama

From $52,000 In Debt to Early Retirement with Deacon Hayes

“How about a kick in the pants financially? Deacon Hayes got one…and today, you’re going to get one too, especially if you want to be motivated to pay off debt. Let’s get that debt paid! ” – Stacking Benjamins

Luxury for Low Money: Getting Beyond “I Deserve It”

“Ideas for indulging in luxury on a budget, and moving beyond the money-eating mindset of “I deserve it.” Enjoy luxurious clothes and home decor for less.” – Fi After 50

The Best Budgeting App for Couples in 2019

“A way to foster communication is for both members of a relationship to stay involved in the family’s financial decision-making process. A great way to do this is by using a shared budgeting or personal finance app that allows transparency into your day to day finances. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best budgeting apps for couples to do exactly this.” – The Money Family

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