Bethany Bayless Overcomes Burnout and the Desire to Quit [015]

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Show notes

Anyone who spends a good portion of their life creating projects, working on projects, or otherwise being an entrepreneur will experience burnout or will feel overwhelmed at times.

Bethany Bayless, founder of The Money Millhouse, is no stranger to this feeling. Bethany has, however, been able to overcome the frustration, and on today’s podcast with host Chris Browning, she shares her best advice for overcoming burnout.

Episode highlights

  • How the feeling of wanting to quit is common
  • How you care for yourself when you feel burned out or disappointed
  • Taking significant amount of time off without guilt
  • Setting accomplishment goals that avoid burnout

Bethany Bayless is a public speaker and professional emcee known for her unique comedic style and high-energy presentations. She has hosted 50+ conferences and events, including Heroes at Home Events, Military Influencers Conference, The Plutus Awards, and #FinCon18. She is also Director of Communications for Heroes at Home and host of the fun, upbeat podcast The Money Millhouse, where she and her co-host, Ellie Kay, have conversations about saving money, couples communication, spend plans, general frugality, traveling on a budget, and more.

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