Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: October 25, 2019

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Sorry, But Your Parents’ Financial Advice Is Wrong

“It almost feels like since birth we’ve been told the same playbook to success. Go to school, they said. Then get good grades, always obey the rules and you’ll be rewarded. If you’re like a majority of us that followed these steps you’re probably in deep with student loans, a job you may not be passionate about and barely any savings.” – The Wealth Tip

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Know Your Optimal Working Conditions

“In my quest to increase my happiness at work, I’ve realized that an important component of becoming better at my job is dependent on my working conditions. The main way for me to have some control and influence over these conditions is to develop skills to communicate my value and needs efficiently to my employer.” – Modest Millionaires

The Most Important Thing for Beginner Investors (In My Opinion Anyways)

“If there’s one thing I know for sure based on my experience investing, it’s this: investing is better than not investing. Of course, since personal finance is never that simple, there are some caveats, but if you’re thinking about starting to invest there’s never, ever going to be a better time than today.” – Half Banked

What is Your Legacy?

“Legacy shows up in a lot of different ways. Spend some time considering what you would like your legacy to be. In this digital age, it’s easy to stop having this internal conversation until it’s too late. a” – Michelle Is Money Hungry

How To Slay Interviews Like A Job Hopping Fiend

“Friends have told me that it’s not that easy to find a new job and that the one month of concentrated effort it’s always taken me is unusually short. So I’m here to give the details on how I approach interviews in case it can help someone else shorten their job hunting time.” – A Purple Life

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