Jim Wang Moves Forward From His Defining Period [013]

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Show notes

Jim Wang sold his first successful blog for seven figures, and since then, has taken on a number of projects including another website in the personal finance space.

Miranda Marquit talks to Jim about the process of starting and selling his first website as well as the challenges in moving on after letting go of his “baby.”

  • Jim talks about what it takes to create a website of value
  • The struggle to forge a new path when you give up something you create
  • He shares his feelings about failure
  • How did he approach building up Wallet Hacks with the changing personal finance landscape
  • Jim gives his best advice for someone who is starting a website

Jim Wang has been writing about personal finance for over 15 years, most recently at WalletHacks.com where he shares his strategies for getting ahead financially and in life. Also look for Jim at ApexMoney.com and on Twitter at @wallethacks.

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