New Opportunities to Work With the Awards Team

With this year being the 10th anniversary of the Plutus Awards, we’d like to make the entire year special. Plans are underway for an amazing awards ceremony at FinCon19. The ceremony gets bigger and better every year, and 2019 will not be an exception!

It’s January now, and the ceremony is less than eight months away. The season begins with the selection of this year’s judging panel, and will continue through a period of time where we accept entries, nominations, and votes.

A team of volunteers takes on a lot of work behind the scenes, and has a lot of fun in the process. These are members of the blogging/podcasting community who have enjoyed the Plutus Awards and want to offer their services to give back to the community and to be a part of something that’s awesome.

With a core group of passionate people ready to help make the Plutus Awards more special than ever this year, we could use your help, too. Here are a few things you might be able to help us with, and these are items that we haven’t excelled at in the past.

Social media marketing. We are looking for several people to join our social media team for the Plutus Awards specifically. Building out this team is one of our most important goals. The team will consist of a manager and ideally several additional people to help manage Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will have many campaigns throughout the year, before, during, and after this year’s awards ceremony.

Press relations. Plutus Awards finalists and winners deserve to receive much more publicity for their prestigious acknowledgments. The potential for press is significant, and we have not had someone to manage our approach to the wider media. And that’s crazy, since we’re all in the media! So there’s a great opportunity for the right person to help give the Plutus Awards and our community the recognition it should have.

Development. We would not be able to organize a successful awards season without our partners. The Plutus Awards team loves our partners, but we would like to show that love a little more than we do. We are looking for development team members who will take care of our partners and help us find new partners. The ideal member of the development team has a wide network of contacts within the industry and knows how to cultivate mutually-beneficial relationships.

Ceremony planning. We have a great group of people who love brainstorming ideas that make the ceremony exciting. From entertainment to fun side projects, there are big things and little things that work together to make the Plutus Awards ceremony a unique and memorable experience. We would love your ideas!

Stage management and other theatrical work. The Plutus Awards ceremony is a performance on stage! We’re seeking anyone with a theatrical background to help us with stage direction — plus anything else onstage or backstage.

Project management. Are you ready to take the lead? There are some aspects of the Plutus Awards that need a strong manager to keep focused. Some projects we look for leads on include managing the judging panel, planning social media (see above), managing the entertainment aspect of the ceremony, and project-managing the Plutus Enterprise Awards.

Community liaisons. We would love to increase our communication with two sets of important people — current finalists and past winners (alumni). These are important sets of community members to the Plutus Awards, and we would like to increase our engagement with them. For the finalists, leading up to the ceremony, there is information they need to know, especially as we plan more VIP events for this year. And there are opportunities for past winners to be more engaged. Liaisons will help make that a reality.

Photography and videography. Quality photographs and videos are essential! If you have professional-level skills with creating and editing outstanding still and moving images, we would love to have your help throughout the season.

Plutus Foundation team. The Plutus Foundation does more than produce the awards. Much more! And if you’re looking to get involved deeper with the Foundation, which supports the financial media community with grants and resources, and is beginning to run our own programs like Plutus Voices, there are many opportunities! Project managers, development, fundraising, accounting, social media, marketing, press relations — the Foundation needs you!

Does one of the above sound like your wheelhouse? We’d love to add you to the team. And I most likely haven’t thought of everything. If you have a talent that you can lend to making the Plutus Awards amazing, let me know!

Contact us today.

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