Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: January 24, 2020

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The Math That Explains Why Net Worth Goes Crazy After the First $100k

“It takes years to save the first $100k. Once you do, your net worth gets higher at a faster and faster rate as each year passes. Here’s the breakdown!” – Four Pillar Freedom

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2020: A Lakota families update and focus on charitable giving

“The goal this year is to start collecting early, throughout the year, and make purchases for the Lakota-Okini families. Contributions are open now through November 1st, 2020!” – Revanche

7 Tax Preparation Tips to Ease the Stress of Filing

“Even though three out of every four filers receive a refund, nobody likes income tax time. However, there are ways to make the experience less hectic and easier to endure.” – Money Crashers

Proven Tactics for Avoiding Emotional Impulse Spending

“The sweet release of “retail therapy” can feel like an injection of dopamine straight into the pleasure centers of your brain. Some even count it as self-care. For what can be more self-caring than to treat yo’self?” – Bitches Get Riches

What a Personal Spending Analysis Reveals | Debt Free Guys

“If you’ve never done a personal spending analysis, you should! Like most of us, you’ll be shocked when you find out where all your money’s going.” – Debt Free Guys™

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