Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: January 31, 2020

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Why Investors Should Focus on Opportunity & Crossover Costs

“When it comes to financial independence, investing is only half the picture. Here’s why investors should also focus on opportunity and crossover costs!” – Wicked Capital

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Self-Sabotage and How to Overcome the Self-Limiting Beliefs Standing Between You and Success

“Are you always waiting for the “other shoe to drop?” Are you stuck at a certain income level? Find out what self-limiting beliefs are standing in your way.” – Sunday Brunch Cafe

How Teachers Can Use an IEP to Reach Their Money Goals

“You’ve seen IEP’s for your students, you may even have written them, but have you ever thought about writing an IEP for yourself?What would happen if you used the structure of an IEP to help you reach your money goals?” – Money Saved is Money Earned

How to Be Brave with Your Money with Kara Perez

“These wonderful ladies talk about why there is such a need to hear diverse voices in the personal finance world so we can all learn from each other, what it means to be a financial feminist, and Kara shares her tips on how to negotiate like a pro so you can level up your money!” – Jessica Moorhouse

Understanding The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act and How It Applies To State Taxes

“The benefits in the MSSRA amendment to the SCRA are a great blessing for those who can benefit from them, but it isn’t the blanket rule that many people would have you believe. It has very specific protections and situations in which those protections apply.” – Kate Harrell

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