Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: September 25, 2020

The Plutus Awards team highlights the best in financial media every week in the Plutus Awards Showcase. To submit an item you’ve written, created, or found for next week’s feature, follow us on Twitter.

This week we are featuring the best Canadian finance content via our finalists in the 11th Annual Plutus Awards, brought to you by Capital Group!

We’ve officially opened nominations for People’s Choice which you can submit someone for by going to the nomination page. Partners of the Plutus Awards are connected with influencers in the independent financial media.

Submit to the community slideshow! Each year we showcase our community’s life updates and it is definitely one of the highlights of the awards show.

Catch up on this week’s episode of the Plutus Awards podcast where we feature Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents. Miranda Marquit speaks with Jeff Rose about his shift into video after being a successful blogger. He shares what prompted his move to video and the lessons he has learned to hone his craft as a video content creator.

Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for 2020

“By now, you should all know that the stock market goes up and down on a daily basis. However, long-term, the stock market has a tendency to increase in value. Therefore, I believe it is important to identify the 10 best Canadian dividend stocks so you can continue monitoring them and pull the buy trigger whenever there is a good buying opportunity.” – Tawcan

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How A Family of Three Happily Lives on $25k Per Year

“There is no right or wrong way of living life. As long as you are on the pursuit of happiness, contentment, & gratitude while also maintaining a high savings rate you’re winning in my books. We are simply illustrating our lifestyle to anyone is interested.” – Modern FImily

A Complete Financial Guide to Moving Out For the First Time

“If you are moving away from home soon, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the process, and that’s normal. This is likely the first time you will be taking a significant role in your finances. By simply reading this article and taking notes, all will be figured out, and soon, the only thing you’ll be missing is home-cooked meals. ” – Mixed Up Money

Emergency Funds: Everything You Need to Know About Them

“Emergency funds really aren’t that complicated. It’s just a savings account with cash in it that you don’t touch unless there’s an emergency. But they are incredibly important during these uncertain times we now live in.” – Jessica Moorhouse

Demystifying Pensions with Ed Rempel

“If pensions have you confused, this episode’s for you! Ed Rempel returns to the show to discuss DC and DB pensions, commuting, LIRAs, and more. Ed shares simple, clear info to help demystify the whats, hows, whys behind pensions in Canada.” – Explore FI Canada

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