Jeff Rose Succeeds By Pivoting Into Creating Videos [044]

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Show notes

For content creators, it is a constant endeavor to provide the best content that reaches and helps their audiences. Sometimes you may have to pivot in your approach, tweak your ideas, or get coached to improve your message.

Miranda Marquit speaks with Jeff Rose about his shift into video after being a successful blogger. He shares what prompted his move to video and the lessons he has learned to hone his craft as a video content creator.

Episode highlights

  • What caused him to change his approach to serving his audience
  • Some of the constrictions he experienced when first starting to do YouTube videos
  • What is his motivation and inspiration for creating content
  • What piece of advice did he get that helped him improve his YouTube videos
  • How he withstands the need to produce more content

About Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is the founder of Alliance Wealth Management, LLC, an investment advisory firm, which he sold in 2019. He now delivers online education through Good Financial Cents and his YouTube channel.

As a financial planner, Jeff was recognized as a top 10 financial advisor of 2019 by Investopedia, and a top 10 young advisor to watch in 2016 by Financial Advisor Magazine. Good Financial Cents has won several Plutus Awards for online financial content, and has been featured as a “Top Money Blog You Should Read: by Kiplinger.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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