Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: April 10, 2020

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This week we’re highlighting some of the great volunteers we have at the Plutus Foundation and Plutus Awards. we have a lot of people in our ranks that we want to bring your attention to, but this week we’re pulling just five. Each of these individuals have gone above and beyond or are just starting out in their volunteerism with us. We’re grateful for their service and hope you enjoy some of their pieces! In other Plutus related news we have a few new things hitting this week! Episode two of the Plutus Awards Podcast is up. This week we’ve interviewed Lee Huffman on his blogging experiences and how he’s incorporating his family into his writing more. We also have episode two of Plutus Picks up and ready for your viewing pleasure. In addition to all of this we want to remind you of our weekly Instagram Takeovers and Wednesday Webinars on Facebook. Head to our profiles on Instagram and Facebook to subscribe and follow.

You Paid Off Your Debt… What’s Next?

“Are you ready to pay off your debt but have no clue where to start? Read the first post in my series about paying off your debt, then read through this series until you get to this post, our twelfth in the series.” – Money Manifesto

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Lessons Learned From the Great Recession For Today’s Down Market

“Some people are taking “social distancing” seriously, while others are going about their lives like nothing has changed. Only time will tell the severity of this virus. ” – Financial Pilgrimage

The Future of Work — Will We See a Change in (White Collar) Work Due to Social Distancing?

“In the age of social distancing and stay at home orders, work from home is becoming the normal (at least for white collar workers). But will this have a long-term impact on the future of work? I’d like to see it.” – Miranda Marquit

Doing the Thing That Scares You

“Today is a significant day in my early retired life: it’s the day that Work Optional, my first book, turns one year old. I feel like I should be able to say that it feels like just yesterday that the book came out, but it doesn’t. It feels like years ago. ” – Our Next Life

How to run a crazy successful blog giveaway [case study]

“This post will teach you how to create and run a blog giveaway to grow your email list. Specifically, we’ll walk through my own giveaway results, then we’re diving deep into strategy and set-up!” – Do You Even Blog

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