Holly Johnson Designs a Stress-Free Life [021]

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When you’re working long hours with little time for much else, it is hard to imagine a life outside of that work-sleep cycle.

Holly Johnson, along with her husband, Greg, worked tirelessly in the funeral home business until finding success in their online business. As she talks to Chris, Holly describes the slow and steady progress it took to achieve their goals and live a life they can fully enjoy.

  • Holly shares how working in a funeral home affected her view of what living means
  • How she and her husband, Greg, work together while having separate focuses
  • Do you need to be an expert to write about specific topics?
  • What are their retirement plans, considering their young children and lifestyle

About Holly Porter Johnson

Holly Porter Johnson is an award-winning writer who focuses on frugality, budgeting, and credit as the cornerstones of her career. Greg Johnson is an entrepreneur who turned his love of budgeting and digital media into an online empire. Together, the power couple blogs about money at ClubThrifty.com, travels the world, and enjoys the good life with their two kids.

You can find Club Thrifty and Holly on Twitter and Instagram. Club Thrifty is also on Facebook, where you can also join the private group, Frugal Travel With Holly Johnson.

Holly and Greg Johnson - Plutus Awards Podcast Featured Image

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