Plutus Awards Weekly Showcase: April 24, 2020

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Happy Friday! We’ve had one heck of a week in quarantine…whatever week it is. But that hasn’t stopped us from searching out some of the best business focused pieces published recently. This week we’re featuring works centered around helping the side hustlers break out of the hustle and into a business.

Episode four of the Plutus Awards Podcast is up. This week we’ve interviewed A Purple Life on her journey towards the life she desires. Three years after writing privately, she made her blog, A Purple Life, public to share her thoughts and experiences with others. She talks with Chris about her start on the journey to financial independence and the choices she makes to reach her audacious goals.

We also have episode four of Plutus Picks up and ready for your viewing pleasure. In addition to all of this we want to remind you of our weekly Instagram Takeovers and Wednesday Webinars. Head to our profiles on Instagram and Facebook to subscribe and follow. This week we celebrated Earth Day with Angela from EcoFrugals, check out her webinar here.

How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income to Make Money Fast

“If your goal is to reach financial independence, one of the best ways to go about reaching it is to develop multiple streams of income. You may have heard or read that most millionaires have multiple streams of income, and following the pattern of those who have proven to be successful seems like a good idea.” – Think Save Retire

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#109: Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

“This episode contains Coach’s favorite big ideas from the great real estate book Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub. You’ll learn practical tips and strategies for both new and experienced investors.” – Coach Carson

How One Woman Turned Her Financial Crisis Into a Successful Business

“In the summer of 2011, Felicia Kelly had no job and no home. She’d gone from making nearly $10,000 per month to having just $100 in her bank account — and that was from a friend.” – Dollar Sprout

5 Steps to Generate Money in Your Business

“In this episode we talk about: How Monica came to the understanding that loving your work is everything
Making the transition from 9-5 employee to full-time in her business
Identifiable steps to begin growing your business
Overcoming a fear of speaking” – The Money Nerds

Tax Code Changes, Business & Real Estate Tax Tips & Building Wealth w/ Atiya Brown

“On this week’s episode, I talk with to Atiya Brown of the Savvy Accountant all about taxes. Taxes can be confusing and overwhelming to understand but its an important tool to build wealth.” – Journey to Launch

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